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Apple CEO Docked His Own Pay By $4 Million

Even though Tim Cook is still making more money in one year than most people will make in a lifetime, this is still pretty admirable.

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The emperor’s newest clothes

Bermuda Sun columnist Larry Burchall did a nice job recently exposing the Department of Statistics’ ability to create people out of thin air when it produced statistics that showed Bermuda’s population has been increasing for the last five years when all … Continue reading

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Barritt hits the nail on the head (again)

John Barritt rightly skewers the joint select committee on the Legislature’s management structure for holding its meetings in private in today’s Royal Gazette. It is ludicrous that a Bermuda institution that is obliged to meet in public should allow its … Continue reading

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Investor rolls the dice on Coral Beach Club

Coral Beach Club and Horizons Cottages have a new owner after hotel investment firm Three Wall Capital LLC announced it had taken over the South Shore, Paget resort for an undisclosed sum. This is good news both for Coral Beach … Continue reading

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Remembering Mandela

A great deal has been written about Nelson Mandela since his passing. It’s a testament to the man that so many people felt obliged to write about ow he had touched them or the connection, no matter how slim, they … Continue reading

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There’s more good sense here from John Barritt on the neverendum referendum on gambling. He makes the fundamental point that the only losers in all of this are the members of the public who now have no say on this question. … Continue reading

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Apparently, you can fight City Hall

In an unprecedented step, Mike Fahy took over the financial administration of the omnishambles that is the Corporation of Hamilton yesterday. Fahy, whose Ministry had earlier failed to get an injunction preventing Corporation councillors from paying themselves (because the money … Continue reading

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