Snake eyes

With the row over the One Bermuda Alliance Government’s decision to withdraw the gambling referendum continuing, the Progressive Labour Party’s leader Marc Bean released a timeline which is covered on bernews here:

This timeline rings true, and Bean in fact affirms what Tourism Shawn Crockwell claimed he had said in a phone conversation last week, but with a different nuance. Crockwell claimed Bean said that if the wording was not changed, the PLP’s supporters would oppose the referendum. Bean says he said: “I also stated that by bringing a ‘loaded’ question, the OBA will create a protest vote by those who ordinarily would vote in favour of gaming.”

That’s what I thought he meant when Crockwell first gave his statement in the House, and he was right.

It looks like the OBA, or at least some members, were seeking an out, and grasped at this one.

It’s hard to understand why, though. If both parties were going to support the referendum and work together to get approval, it would probably have passed. A lot of people who once opposed casino gambling have come around to it as an economic necessity and all the recent polls say it has more than 50% percent support.


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