New Tourism Authority

The new Bermuda Tourism Authority board has been named and, based on the members’ experience, it looks pretty solid. As promised, it is made up mainly of people from the industry or related sectors. That makes quite a change from previous tourism boards, where lack of industry experience seemed to be the main prerequisite.

There has already been some criticism of its lack of diversity, and given that only two members are black, it’s hard to dispute that in a majority black country. That will put pressure on the board to perform.

But if the appointment of an executive of Starwood Resorts leads to a Starwood hotel (Westin, Le Meridien etc) coming here, or tourism arrivals and jobs increasing generally as a result of the BTA, there are a lot of people who won’t care if the members are green.

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One Response to New Tourism Authority

  1. Mike Hind says:

    Three. I believe Allison Reid identifies as black. I could be mistaken.

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