Getting Noticed

It’s nice to get noticed, and Jonny Starling (Catch a Fire) has some thoughtful things to say about blogs – including the notion that this one may be about five years too late. That’s OK. BeachLime was also kind enough to welcome Indy to the blogosphere earlier yesterday – much appreciated too.

It’s fascinating to see speculation about what political orientation this blog will have: “It will be interesting to see if pro-PLP blogs form now, along with new, diverse and independent (non-aligned with either the PLP or the OBA) will form to fill the vacuum of online blogs,”  says Mr Starling.

The goal is to be independent of any political party and to bring some (hopefully) calm and measured analysis to political and economic issues.

For now, it’s anonymous, not because it is part of some dark conspiracy, but because Indy has other personal commitments, which may or may not benefit from full disclosure right now. In time, let’s hope it will be possible since that’s generally better for everyone. It may be that no one will care, which will be good, albeit bad for Indy’s ego. Apologies now for using the third person, which can be irritating; saying “I” all the time seems worse.

Ps Thanks to Bermuda Blue too.

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