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Joys of an unexpected visit to ‘de Rock’

Originally posted on “Music is what feelings sound like.”:
Going back to Bermuda (known to locals as ‘de rock’, or ‘the rock’ that the islands are, all alone in the mid-Atlantic) for an unplanned visit was not what I was…

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Barritt’s heartfelt tribute

This blog is not a free advertisement for John Barritt’s Friday column, but last week’s was excellent. His tribute to Louise Jackson was on the money, and he also gets it right on Attorney General Mark Pettingill’s ill advised foray … Continue reading

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I love this photo of one of the windows at Dockyard. Nice job, Jasper Smits.

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What Happens When Americans Are Asked to Label Europe and Brits Are Asked to Label the US?

Originally posted on TwistedSifter:
  At the end of last year, the BuzzFeed team asked students and co-workers to label a map. Those in the UK were asked to label a map of the United States, while those in the…

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Small town, big space

Mayors and city councils are in the news. Here in Bermuda, Graeme Outerbridge lurches from one crisis to another. In Toronto, Rob Ford has brought infamy on that city, previously known for being the nice North American city. And the … Continue reading

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Worsening the odds

Debating gaming is a dangerous sport. People tend to have such entrenched views that talking about it goes in circles without resolution. Proponents don’t want to talk about the social costs while opponents only want to talk about them. Studies … Continue reading

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Weill to be Hamilton Re chairman

Now Sandy Weill is going to be chairman of Hamilton Re. This is a mjaor endorsement for Bermuda as a domicile and a reflection of Brian Duperreault’s incredible network of contacts.

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Changing gears on car sales

A Royal Gazette story today is trumpeting the increase in car sales in November as a sign of economic recovery. Any increase in retail sales, especially of big ticket items like cars, is good. The idea that people have held on … Continue reading

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