Walmart Recalls Tainted Donkey Meat from Chinese Stores

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was Wal-Mart, I would have started the recall when I found out I was selling donkey meat, spiced or not … or maybe they used fox because all the donkey meat had been sent to the UK to put in the lasagne.

Business & Money

Walmart customers in China who purchased “Five Spice” donkey meat can be reimbursed because the product may contain fox meat, the company said late Wednesday.

The retailer is recalling the donkey meat and helping investigate its supplier after Chinese regulators found the product contained meat from other animals, Reuters reports. Donkey meat is a popular snack in parts of China, which slaughtered 2.4 million donkeys in 2011.

The reports of tainted meat embroils Walmartt in an ongoing controversy in China over food safety — which has already affected international brands like Carrefour and KFC — even as the world’s largest retailer plans a major expansion in the world’s largest grocery market. Walmart, which operates more than 400 facilities in China, plans to open 110 new stores there in the next few years.


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