Joys of an unexpected visit to ‘de Rock’

Great thoughts here about Bermuda …

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Going back to Bermuda (known to locals as ‘de rock’, or ‘the rock’ that the islands are, all alone in the mid-Atlantic) for an unplanned visit was not what I was expecting to do at the start of January, although nor was attending a funeral for a grandfather. Nonetheless, it was wonderful to be reunited with my immediate family two months sooner than planned and reconnect with Bermudian relatives whom I rarely see. As the first funeral I had ever attended, I am happy that it was for a close relative in Bermuda because family is family, because I had not seen most of the attendees in a long time, and because we do things a bit differently for the burial part on ‘my island in the sun’ (my favourite line from our national song).

Below is an Anglican church in Smith’s parish; Bermuda is divided into parishes instead of provinces, states…

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