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Ministerial discretion: Handle with care

There’s a lot to write about recently, and Indy has been tied up with day to day stuff like earning a living. Two political events have been begging for comment though. The first is the Total Marketing poll published by … Continue reading

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Bermuda Gears Up for 2014 Kite Fest

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
In Bermuda, kites plays an important role in the island’s cultural heritage. On Good Friday, Bermudans celebrate with the national flying of kites, because at Easter, kites are associated with the ascension of Christ into…

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Cap G’s raspberry

I’m thinking the story about Capital G making five more staff redundant will have made Bermuda Finance Minister Bob Richards’ blood pressure go up a little more today. Richards has privately and publicly urged the banks not to lay off … Continue reading

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Hamilton’s future?

Director of Planning Aideen Ratteray Pryse has some good insights into the future of Hamilton here and how it can follow the example of (don’t laugh, this is valid) Detroit, which is seeing a flood of start-ups begun by young people. One … Continue reading

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Economic recovery taking hold

Earlier today, we touched on the drop in the inflation rate and how that helps the Bermuda economy. The Standard & Poors rating report on Bermuda was also encouraging. It’s not that worrying that S&P maintained its negative outlook, because the … Continue reading

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Bermuda becoming more competitive

The Bermuda inflation rate fell in February, according to new figures from the Department of Statistics, and that is very good news. The February Consumer Price Index shows the annual rate of inflation fell to 1.7%. The main upward driver was … Continue reading

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