Mid-Atlantic Hollywood?

Not exactly, but a story in today’s Royal Gazette about a film crew doing a shoot here for an ad is very positive about the possibilities for Bermuda as a location for commercial shoots.
Producer Matthew Binns had remarkable things to say about Bermuda:
“There’s a perception that Bermuda is a difficult place to work in because it’s expensive and there’s very little production support — that tends to turn people off,” he said.
“But cost isn’t the only factor and we were very interested to come to Bermuda because we knew so little about it. We were very pleasantly surprised and made a lot of finds on the trip. We found some great people to work with, great technical support, and of course there are some great locations. I think there’s huge potential for Bermuda to develop as a location for commercials, TV series and movies to come here and shoot.
“The other perception Bermuda has is that it’s part of the Caribbean,” Mr Binns, who grew up in Jamaica, said. “But of course, that’s not true — it really is unique. There’s something about the culture of the place. As a visitor just walking around the capital and seeing the way people interact, I got a sense that, in many ways, this is the type of world we all aspire to be a part of.
“As a producer I was amazed by Hamilton which is a beautiful town right on the water with little traffic. It would be great to use it as a backdrop for a positive story.”
Binns also praised the Bermuda Tourism Authority for its support, which is encouraging.
Bermuda should take advantage of this moment and endorsement to encourage this growth.
There’s one caveat – while employing Bermudians is important, and there are very talented technical people here, Bermuda cannot make immigration requirements so extreme that production companies get turned off. We’ve done that in other areas and need to learn from our mistakes.

This is the Shreddy Times video, which is still completely awesome, by the way.


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