Look At How Funny and Original All These Big Brands Were After Luis Suarez #BiteGate

One thing about social media – it’s quick to jump on a trend. These post-bite tweets from major brands are pretty good, especially the Listerine one.

The Salt Shaker


So in case you live under a rock or in China/North Korea, Luis Suarez bit a dude on the shoulder in Uruguay’s World Cup match against Italy. Let me just get one thing off my chest real quick: I don’t get why everyone is so disgusted with Suarez right now. I mean Bob Ley was up there on ESPN acting like he was the reincarnation of Bin Laden or some shit like that. The dude bites people when he’s in the zone? It’s instinctual behavior and I can respect that. If soccer players are gonna roll around like pussies all the time anyway, you might as well give them something to actually cry about. A bite to the shoulder does that. But anyway, major brands all over the world decided to seize the moment and take the social media to be the next Adam Sandler or something. They’re all just so…

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