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ABIR’s big contribution

1,516 employees in Bermuda. $886.8 million spent in Bermuda. Those are the two standout numbers form the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers’ annual report, and there’s good news and not so good news associated with them. The good news is … Continue reading

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Murder on the roads

There have been two more road deaths this weekend, bringing the number this year to eight, or  more than one a month. Jeremy Deacon at Bermuda Blue  raised this issue earlier this month, pointing out that if there had been six … Continue reading

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Mighty Cleveland

Cleveland County have won an Eastern Counties game for the first time in 33 years – which will be an encouragement to underdogs and whipping boys everywhere, including fellow Counties strivers Mighty Flatts Victoria. By upending St David’s, the fellas from Harris … Continue reading

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Jetgate statement released

Bernews has a report on that other story doing the rounds.

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Wilful misunderstanding

There’s good insight, as usual, from John Barritt today. As a strong proponent of parliamentary democracy, he expresses restrained regret that the Governor did not see fit to take up the House of Assembly’s recommendation for a Commission of Inquiry, … Continue reading

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Scratching old sores

Tim Hodgson does a nice job in the Gazette today of articulating the many hypocrisies and poor decisions surrounding the land expropriation row here. Like the good journalist he is, he is able to point out the u-turns that both … Continue reading

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Two cheers for Suzann

Suzann Roberts Holshouser has made some waves with her decision to vote with the Opposition Progressive Labour Party in the debate on a commission of inquiry into the compulsory purchases of land in Bermuda in the 20th Century. On the … Continue reading

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Happy July 4 from the NSA

Here’s a happy July 4 message from the Royal Gazette. The story is actually quite benign, but it is a reminder that everyone can be watched all of the time.

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