Scratching old sores

Tim Hodgson does a nice job in the Gazette today of articulating the many hypocrisies and poor decisions surrounding the land expropriation row here.
Like the good journalist he is, he is able to point out the u-turns that both the PLP and the OBA have taken on the issue from three years ago when Parliament was debating the SDO for Tuckers Point.
What that does is show how cynical all politicians are – and that is a bad thing for our civic institutions.
The OBA Government can still put a stop to this by striking a Commission of its own to examine the whole question. Since Bermuda’s Parliament passed the legislation, it is up to the Parliament to redress any past wrongs, and the Government, as the majority party can do just that by setting up a commission.
Drawing the Governor in has been a red herring from the start, although, as the Gazette says, it has worked better than Walton Brown could ever have dreamt.

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