Mighty Cleveland

Cleveland County have won an Eastern Counties game for the first time in 33 years – which will be an encouragement to underdogs and whipping boys everywhere, including fellow Counties strivers Mighty Flatts Victoria.

By upending St David’s, the fellas from Harris Bay can now go on to defend their title – the match winner become the title holder by default in one of the many quirks of County games – and there’s no reason to think that they can’t beat Bailey’s Bay and Flatts as well.

This is an especially poignant achievement for Allan Douglas Jr, whose wicketkeeper father kept the Cleveland flame alive for many years while they endured ritual beatings from the two big clubs in the competition.

Although they had a bit of help from their guest players, this victory belongs to Devil’s Hole and its denizens.

But a tip of the hat goes to coach Clay Smith, who beat big brother Wendell with this win. It does make you wonder why St George’s doesn’t bring those two guys back home to restore some of the lustre to a club which is a shadow of its once powerhouse self.

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