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Comeau explains why PRCs are entitled to status and why attempts to block it are doomed to fail

Kevin Comeau has produced an exceptionally clear explanation of the PRC-Status issue here. Basically, it upends the Progressive Labour Party’s position that grants of status can be 1) frozen and 2) rejected by amending the law retroactively. It’s a shame that the … Continue reading

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Not a new blog, but a new discovery

Thanks to Jeremy Deacon at Bermuda Blue, I’ve just spent more time than I should have looking at Tucker’s Farm’s blog which is a wonderful and slightly wacky blog on the joys of raising goats and making goat cheese in Bermuda. … Continue reading

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Sluggish tourism

The Bermuda Tourism Authority released its second quarter arrival statistics last week, which gave some indication of the health, or lack thereof, of Bermuda’s second economic pillar. Tourism continues to attract a greater amount of attention in Bermuda than its … Continue reading

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Turning around the economy

As he promised, former Bermuda resident Kevin Comeau has written a second part to his series on the causes of the Bermuda recession and why international companies have left or reduced jobs here. He says that, in one of those … Continue reading

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New Bermuda blog

Welcome to Ananda G Hill’s blog “The Soap Box” and thanks to Jonathan Starling at Catch a Fire for pointing it out – Bermuda bloggers must stick together! If my experience is anything to go by, sustaining a blog when … Continue reading

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The cause of the Bermuda recession

Former Bermuda resident Kevin Comeau has a good piece here on “the cause of Bermuda’s economic collapse” which makes a strong case for the fact that the loss of jobs in international business was the main contributing factor. On the face … Continue reading

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