A Question of Leadership

An interesting take on the leadership of the PLP

"catch a fire"

OBA & PLP Incompetence

By all accounts, the OBA should not be the Government of Bermuda today.

That it remains the Government, that it has survived the crises it has, is not a testament to the resilience of the OBA but rather the incompetence of the Opposition PLP.

And this must invariably lead to a question of leadership.

A failure of leadership, both OBA and PLP. A failure of leadership, both OBA and PLP.

Why do I say the OBA shouldn’t be the Government today?

First off, at least two of the OBA MPs should have been disqualified as election candidates for failing to disclose their contracts with Government, as per parliamentary election rules.  The PLP new about this, however rather than take the action required to ensure the integrity of our democratic system, they missed out on the window of opportunity to do so, both prior to the election and immediately after.  Blame for this lies…

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